5 Creator Economy Startups YouTube Star MrBeast Has Invested in

  • YouTube’s top creator, MrBeast, has invested in five creator companies, court filings show.
  • The companies include the creator conference VidSummit and the snack company he founded, Feastables.
  • The documents also reveal that Donaldson expects to earn $700 million in revenue this year.

Aside from creating viral content, internet sensation MrBeast has used his earnings to back several creator-economy upstarts.

Jimmy Donaldson, known as MrBeast online, is the most-subscribed-to YouTube creator, with 288 million subscribers.

He’s also built a business empire around content, commerce, and real estate. A recent court filing confirms for the first time the companies that Donaldson has invested in.

Donaldson has invested in these five companies, according to the filing:

  1. Feastables: a chocolate and snack brand founded by Donaldson that sells products online and in retailers like Walmart.
  2. Current: a fintech company that offers banking services and leans on influencer marketing to promote its brand.
  3. Creative Juice: a payment startup that offers financial tools for creators and invests directly in YouTubers.
  4. VidSummit: an annual conference for video creators and marketers.
  5. Jellysmack: a startup that invests in creators and helps creators recirculate clips of their videos onto other platforms.

Court documents also revealed that Donaldson, 26, is planning to expand his business with two new ventures and that he aims to earn $700 million in revenue this year. The documents are tied to a lawsuit Donaldson filed against the partner company behind his virtual dining chain MrBeast Burger,

His YouTube content generates money from advertising, sponsorships, licensing, content syndication, and merch, according to the filings. Donaldson runs several YouTube channels, including MrBeast, Beast Philanthropy, and MrBeast Gaming.

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5 Creator Economy Startups YouTube Star MrBeast Has Invested in

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