Astronomy classifieds and news website re-launches

Astronomy classifieds and news website re-launches

Imagine traveling back to 2001, where a young and passionate budding astronomer juggles a corporate career as an engineer and software developer by day, and devotes his evenings to working with and on telescopes. This dedication ultimately led to a patent and copyright for a process known as the “HyperTune.”

In the same year, this astronomer launched a website called ScopeTrader. Designed as a hub for telescope gear, astronomy classifieds, member astrophotos, and forums, ScopeTrader gained modest popularity with about 4,000 registered members. Despite its success, it was shut down in 2016 due to the lack of time needed to maintain the free service.

Fast forward to 2024, and that same astronomer (yes, it’s me) decided to relaunch ScopeTrader with the meticulous attention it deserves.

ScopeTrader Chapter 2: The Cosmic Comeback

Our new website is still powered by the same passion that launched ScopeTrader over 20 years ago. But this time, we’ve got the manpower to innovate new features quickly, maintain the site, and keep up with the ever-growing popularity of astronomy among hobbyists.



Here are some of the stellar features of ScopeTrader:

Astronomy Gear News

Stay updated on the latest and greatest in the world of telescopes. Find out which telescopes are the hottest, score unbeatable deals, discover new cameras for astrophotography, learn about the latest giant Dobsonians, and much more. If it’s gear news, we’ve got it covered!

Astronomy Classifieds

A simple yet powerful astronomy classifieds engine dedicated solely to connecting astronomers with the gear they need. Whether you’re on the hunt for a TEC, Takahashi, Askar, a Redcat 51, or even a classic Sears and Roebuck telescope, you’ll find it in our classifieds. Think of it as the universe’s ultimate telescope yard sale!

Astronomy Directory and Marketplace

Locate astronomy vendors that sell anything and everything under the stars. Our growing marketplace and vendor directory is your go-to place to find just about anything made or sold for astronomy. From the latest high-tech gadgets to vintage star-gazing treasures, if it’s for astronomy, you’ll find it here.

Blast Off to a New Era with ScopeTrader!

Our story continues with more passion, better features, and a galaxy of possibilities. Whether you’re a seasoned astronomer or just starting out, ScopeTrader is a great place to be involved in Astronomy.

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Imagine traveling back to 2001, where a young and passionate budding astronomer juggles a corpora…

Astronomy classifieds and news website re-launches

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