GameStop’s crazy week, jobs surprise and Nvidia’s stock split

GameStop’s crazy week, jobs surprise and Nvidia’s stock split

U.S. employers remain on a hiring spree. 

The tech-heavy Nasdaq, helped by Nvidia, led weekly gains for the stock market. 

GameStop didn’t get any help from ‘Roaring Kitty’ post his public appearance.

Former President Donald Trump is shaking up Silicon Valley. 

Elon Musk picks a city for his AI supercomputer. 

Red Lobster may be forced to close even more locations. 

Costco says goodbye to a popular item. 

MIXED SIGNALS: U.S. employers added a lot more jobs than economists had expectedcontinue reading here. 

VIDEO: Fmr. President of the St. Louis Federal Reserve talks jobs. 

NVIDIA GETS CLIMBING: The AI chipmaker briefly surpassed Apple to become the world’s second-biggest company behind Microsoft, and now the two are neck-and-neck. It’s 10-for-1 stock split hits Monday…continue reading here. This helped the Nasdaq Composite lead gains for U.S. stocks, which wrapped up a winning week more on the markets.


VIDEO: Why FOMO investing isn’t a good move. 


MEME MADNESS: ‘Roaring Kitty’, aka Keith Gill, returned to YouTube after a three-year absence, talking all things GameStop. The livestream and Gill did little for the shares... continue reading here. Gill, a colorful character, also has a colorful history in the world of retail investing…continue reading here.

VIDEO: GameStop shares continue to see extreme swings. Should the SEC take action?

TRUMP’S TEAM: Silicon Valley heavyweights, who have traditionally voted Democratic, are lining up to support former President Trump, recently raising millions at a high-powered fundraiser, following his historic conviction…continue reading here. 

VIDEO: Investor David Sacks has turned into one of Trump’s most notable supporters.

SOUTHERN CHARM: Elon Musk is heading south after selecting a new city for his AI supercomputer…continue reading here.

VIDEO: Understanding Elon Musk’s AI moves. 

SINKING: Red Lobster may be forced to close even more stores. Here’s why…continue reading here.

BYE-BYE: Costco will stop selling a popular item, and the move may hit one industry hard…continue reading here.

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GameStop’s crazy week, jobs surprise and Nvidia’s stock split

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