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Google is currently running some serious discounts for the Pixel 8 range, but they only apply to U.S. shoppers. For now, U.K. Pixel buyers will have to make do with Google’s new deals for the Pixel 7 range and Pixel 8a.

Google’s latest phone, the Pixel 8a, is £50 ($63.60) cheaper at the Google Store, bringing the price down to £499 ($634.73). Google has also raised its trade-in prices, offering up to £380 ($483.36) for your old device until July 2, 2024. There seems to be an issue on the site, however, because I can’t see which phone will net the £380 trade-in value.

The highest I can get is £343 ($436.30) for the iPhone 14 Plus, 512GB model. The small print on the Pixel 8a purchase page states that the actual maximum trade-in price is £490 ($623.28) for the iPhone 14 Plus 512GB, which includes an extra promotional £150 ($190.80) off.

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However, the page may not have been updated fully yet because the small print also says that this offer ends on June 6th. So if you want to take advantage of the new trade-in values, hold on for a day or two for Google to update its website.

Elsewhere, Google has slashed the upfront price of the Pixel 7, Pixel 7 Pro and Pixel 7a by £150 ($190.80). Google is also giving away three months of YouTube Premium for free, alongside a three-month trial of the Google One 100GB subscription plan. Read my thoughts on whether or not Google One is worth it here.

This might be one of the last few chances to buy the Pixel 7 directly from Google, at a discounted rate, because the Pixel 9 will likely launch in October and the company will stop selling the Pixel 7 on its site. But even with these discounts, paying £699 ($889.13) for the Pixel 7 Pro is too steep for a phone that will be two generations behind in a couple of months. It’s also cheaper at Argos and Amazon (£629, $800.09).

The U.S. Google store is running a much better deal, knocking between $150 and $250 off the Pixel 8 and Pixel 8 Pro respectively—matching its biggest sale so far. At the same time, it has raised trade-in prices for old Google tech, with a used Pixel 6 Pro netting an impressive $400 valuation.

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And it doesn’t stop there because U.S. shoppers can get a further 50% off the Pixel 8a when bought with the Pixel 8 or Pixel 8 Pro. The Pixel Fold is also $500 cheaper, while Google is handing $500 in cashback with purchases if a new device is bought with a 24-month Google Fi contract.

The Google Fi cash-back deal offsets some of my concerns about the final price of a device when bought with a contract. But buying handsets unlocked—and picking the cheapest carrier possible for your needs—remains the best option.

U.S. Pixel shoppers are feasting right now but I suspect similar discounts will come to other markets soon. Google has been running consistent discounts, on both sides of the pond, since at least January and I don’t think the company is going to stop.

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Google Launches New Price Cut Promotion For Pixel 7 #Google #Launches #Price #Cut #Promotion #Pixel

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Google Launches New Price Cut Promotion For Pixel 7 – “google” – Google News