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YouTube star IShowSpeed has now broken up with Korean TikTok influencer Amy Flamy, and unfollowed her on Instagram, after a confrontation live on stream.

Speed and influencer Amy Flamy have been rumored to be dating for almost two weeks, since the pair first linked up in Korea, and then in London for the FA Cup final between Manchester United and Manchester City on May 27.

It hasn’t lasted long though, as they have now unfollowed one another on Instagram following a confrontation on Speed’s latest stream, which sparked criticism from his viewers.

On the livestream, Speed was getting his hair braided by a barber named Courtney, who also offered him advice about his relationship with Amy.

Despite it being 5 AM in South Korea, Speed spoke to Amy on the phone, and they argued, where she claimed he only “calls her on stream” and “leaves her on read.”

After the call, Amy went live on TikTok and told fans her side of the story, accusing Speed of “using her for content” and “not replying to her texts.” She was also upset that Speed listened to Courtney offering advice on his relationship and acting upon it.

As fans saw the events unfold, they criticized Speed in the chat, spamming “L Speed.”

“Bro using her for content, L Speed”, one said, while others suggested, “Take it off stream and solve it.”

After Speed unfollowed Amy, one fan said, “Speed is so immature no cap, if you watch that stream yesterday you’ll definitely get mad.” Another commented, “Bro he messed up so bad tbh. She wanted him, like she literally cried for him and he just fumbled.”

Amy and Speed went out on a date when he visited to South Korea in May, and broadcasted the date in an IRL stream. Throughout the stream, Amy and Speed seemed to hit it off with Speed admitting he’s “catching feelings” and liking her but wasn’t ready to commit yet.

A few weeks later they linked up in London again and spent a couple of days together, following which they confessed feelings for one another at the airport and bid a sweet farewell. As of now, Amy Flamy has removed all of Speed’s images from her Instagram, however, Speed has some of hers on his X page.

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IShowSpeed fans claim he “fumbled” after heated stream with Amy Flamy #IShowSpeed #fans #claim #fumbled #heated #stream #Amy #Flamy

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IShowSpeed fans claim he “fumbled” after heated stream with Amy Flamy – “youtube” – Google News