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In today’s era of Generation Z, the way up to success is defined in a different manner. What our ancestors considered success was grounded in having strong morals, raising a good family, and providing for your wife and kids. But in today’s time, success is measured by how many social media likes you have and your bank status.

The new definition of success takes a much weirder turn when Generation Z pushes people based on their social media influence to the most respected, demanding, and crucial political positions in a country.

Although you might wonder, something like this can never happen because only those who have worked tirelessly for the welfare of the country with a strong political background are considered a suitable candidate. But to break it to you, you’re wrong.

Meet Fidias Panayiotou a “Professional mistake maker,” a term he used to describe himself, was recently elected as the European Parliament independent MEP from Cyprus. Mr Fidias’s experiences include hugging 100 celebrity personalities, being in a coffin for a week, and many more that will make you laugh and allow you to pass your time with ease, but having 0 political experience. The main source for the new MEP to reach his audience was mainly 2.6 million YouTube subscribers on the channel purely dedicated to pranks.

The only public appearance that Mr. Fidias made that was unscripted was an apology forcefully pushed by the public after he created a disrespectful scene in Japan in his YouTube prank video in which he, on purpose, didn’t pay train fares and 5-star hotel bills for fun.

Despite his outrageous actions and breaking the public law, Mr Fidias ended with 19.4% votes making him the 3rd largest vote-getter. Although the new MEP was himself shocked but went on saying to the CyBC broadcaster that the other political parties should modernize themselves, listen to the people, and take his win as a warning.

My Fidias announced in January that he will run in the polls as per Politico sources. Meanwhile making an appearance on national TV, Cypriot TV, where he claimed that he never voted in his life before and knew nothing about politics. The only reason behind his action was to make young people get involved in politics.

As per polling statistics, Mr Fidias got 50% of his votes from the people between the ages of 18 and 24 and 28% of the votes from people between 25 to 32. As the new MEP came third position behind the conservative DISY and communist party AKEL.

Image: Fidias / YT

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Meet the YouTube Sensation Who Shocked the Political Establishment! #Meet #YouTube #Sensation #Shocked #Political #Establishment

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Meet the YouTube Sensation Who Shocked the Political Establishment! - "youtube" - Google News