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Oracle and Google announced a new multicloud offering, bridging the gap between Google Cloud and Oracle Cloud Infrastructure.

Enterprise customers who have invested in Google Cloud and Oracle technology stacks can benefit from interoperability and integration by deploying applications across both public cloud environments.

Customers will be able to deploy general-purpose workloads with no cross-cloud data transfer fees thanks to Google Cloud’s Cross-Cloud Interconnect, which will initially be available for customer onboarding in 11 global regions. Oracle Database@Google Cloud, a new offering with feature and price parity with OCI, will be available later this year. This joint offering will benefit businesses worldwide and in a variety of sectors, such as manufacturing, financial services, healthcare, retail and more.

Oracle Database@Google Cloud deploys the most recent database services in a Google Cloud datacenter powered by OCI hardware. Customers can now take advantage of the most advanced managed service for Oracle Database, Oracle Autonomous Database. Customers can also migrate their mission-critical database workloads to the most advanced platform for Oracle Database, Oracle Exadata Database Cloud Service. Oracle databases can also be deployed on Google Compute Engine by customers.

Oracle and Google Cloud have both made investments in private networks specifically designed to link enterprise data centers to their cloud platforms. Network switching and connectivity are provided by partners for Google Cloud Interconnect and FastConnect on OCI. A set of telecom, network and co-location providers deliver high-speed connectivity between the cloud and the data center.

Through this partnership, Oracle directly provides low-latency network connectivity to Google Cloud via Cross-Cloud InterConnect. Customers don’t need to route the traffic through an intermediate service provider to establish connectivity between the two clouds. There are no cross-cloud data transfer charges involved when connecting workloads running in these two cloud environments.

Customers can benefit from flexible migration options, including compatibility with tools like Oracle Zero-Downtime Migration. Customers can take advantage of pre-existing Google Cloud commitments and Oracle license benefits with a streamlined purchasing and contracting experience through the Google Cloud Marketplace. This unified environment provides security, simplicity and low latency while supporting a full range of Oracle database services. Additionally, it enables the integration of Oracle data with Google’s leading AI services, enhancing applications across customer service, employee services, creative studios, developer environments and more.

Oracle will operate and manage Oracle database services within Google Cloud datacenters globally, beginning with regions in North America and Europe. Initially available in 11 regions across the world, customers can seamlessly connect Google Cloud and OCI to mix and match workloads across the cloud environments. For example, a web application deployed in Google Cloud can talk to an Oracle database running in OCI with almost no changes to the code.

Larry Ellison, Oracle Chairman and CTO, emphasized that customers desire the flexibility to use multiple clouds. To address this demand, Google and Oracle are connecting Google Cloud services with Oracle’s latest database technology. This involves integrating Oracle Cloud Infrastructure hardware into Google Cloud datacenters, ensuring optimal database and network performance.

Sundar Pichai, CEO of Google and Alphabet, highlighted that the partnership will benefit their many joint enterprise customers by allowing them to utilize Oracle database and applications alongside Google Cloud’s innovative platform and AI capabilities.

This collaboration is similar to Oracle’s partnership with Microsoft, in which Oracle Cloud and Azure are interconnected to provide seamless cross-cloud capabilities. While both partnerships aim to integrate Oracle’s robust database services with leading cloud platforms, the Oracle-Google alliance specifically leverages Google Cloud’s advanced AI capabilities, offering a unique blend of database management and innovative AI solutions.

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Oracle And Google Partner To Deliver Multicloud Offering To Enterprises #Oracle #Google #Partner #Deliver #Multicloud #Offering #Enterprises

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Oracle And Google Partner To Deliver Multicloud Offering To Enterprises – “google” – Google News