Youtube Music Testing AI Generated Radio Stations

YouTube Music is testing a radio-style feature using artificial intelligence. This new feature will generate custom radio stations based on both user text prompts and voice commands, updating the music discovery process on the platform. Designed to enhance user experience, the feature aims to allow for a more dynamic and tailored listening experience for its users, which is beneficial for discovering both established and emerging artists.

Since YouTube Music initially launched in November of 2015, the music streaming service leverages features like personalized radio stations, recommendations based on user preferences, and seamless integration with the user’s YouTube history. YouTube Music, which currently holds 6.8% of the music streaming market share, is making strides to compete with industry leaders Spotify and Apple Music by offering a wide range of exclusive features, personalized playlists, and a diverse library of music.

This new feature is currently in the testing phase and has not yet been widely rolled out. For users currently able to access this feature, each generated station will generate a custom name and description; labeled with the tag  “Created for you”. If this feature were to be rolled out to all users, smaller artists stand to benefit significantly. The enhanced music discovery process would likely share the spotlight with up-and-coming artists looking to build out their following and expand their reach.

Industry giants such as Spotify and Apple Music have offered their users the ability to create computer-generated stations for quite some time now. While YouTube Music is late to adding this feature, it carries the advantage of accessing users’ search and watch history from their traditional YouTube account. Youtube is leveraging their user data in hopes of creating a tailored and accurate music discovery process to the customers interests.

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Youtube Music Testing AI Generated Radio Stations

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