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Asda scam email warning (Image: ASDA • GETTY)

ASDA shoppers must be on the lookout for a worrying new scam that’s landing in inboxes. The new alert has been issued by the security team at Action Fraud who say they have received almost 2,000 complaints from UK consumers about a ‘free prize’ email. The message, which looks like it’s been sent by the popular retailer, claims that ASDA fans have won a tempting free prize.

To claim it, they simply need to fill in a quick survey about their experiences of the supermarket chain. Of course, there is no free prize with scammers using this tactic in a bid to find out personal details such as names, home addresses, phone numbers and email data.

“We’ve received over 1,700 reports about FAKE emails purporting to be from ASDA,” Action Fraud warned in a message posted on X (formerly Twitter).

“The emails are designed to trick people into completing a survey in order to claim a free prize. If you receive a suspicious email, you can report it by forwarding the email to: [email protected]

If you get a message from any supermarket giant – or other UK retailer – claiming you’ve won something be very careful before handing over any details.

Action Fraud says ASDA users are being targeted by scams (Image: ACTION FRAUD)

A simple check of the sender’s address will often reveal that it’s come from a scammer and not an official source.

Never hand out data such as name, home address or bank details without doing some research first – unless you’ve entered a competition, it’s highly unlikely you’ve won some freebies.

ASDA is well aware of its name being used by online crooks to trick consumers. The retailer has plenty of details on how to avoid becoming a victim of cyber crime.

“Beware of scam text messages or emails claiming to offer Asda prizes,” the retailer said.

“Please always read a message carefully before clicking on it and check the link before you enter your details. An official Asda competition or giveaway should link to an Asda website such as or Spelling mistakes or grammatical errors are also clues that a post could be a fake. Unfortunately we have no control over third party websites and can only warn you not to be taken in by them and to warn your friends if they share these posts with you.”

Top 5 tips for avoiding scams

• If something sounds too good to be true it usually is – you’re only going to win a prize if you’ve entered a competition.

• Scammer often add a sense of urgency to messages – if you get an email saying act now or something is ending soon, be alert.

• Check where the email has come from. Scammers won’t have access to official email addresses and that makes cyber attacks easier to spot.

• No UK retailer will ever want your bank details. If you are asked for this information be warned.

• Always be on the lookout for messages that contain errors or spelling mistakes as these are huge red flags that something is wrong.

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Asda scam email warning (Image: ASDA • GETTY) ASDA shoppers must be on the lookout for a worrying…