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It’s easier to travel now than ever before, of course, but a journey to the same place can be a very different experience for different people. Some people must go through lengthy visa application processes and layers of bureaucracy, while others have to pay more attention to safety and comfort. Until recently this challenging side was rarely represented by the people going through it; the diversity of travellers and their travel experiences were not seen.

We spoke to four Black creators who are expanding their audiences’ horizons in more ways than one. UK creators Temwa & Anjola, Toba, plus Nigerian creator Tayo Aina, are part of the Black Voices Fund Programme on YouTube. They have taken their followers on adventures all over the world, documenting everything from budget and recommendations, ease of bureaucracy, openness of society, to their experience as solo travellers or as a family on holiday. We chatted with them about their journeys!

Why do you travel?

Tayo: Before I started travelling, I never imagined it would be possible for somebody like me (a Nigerian) who comes from a country with one of the worst passports. Now, I travel to show people that no matter where you come from in Africa, you can travel and make money doing what you love. I travel to tell stories and change the perception that people have about different places across the world.

Toba: I travel because I’m an adventurer, I love to explore new places and have new experiences. It’s also a great way to break misconceptions and share my experiences with the world. Initially when I started travelling, I had false preconceptions of certain countries and people, which 9 times out of 10 are completely wrong, so travelling has opened my mind to more, I’ve grown, made friends I never thought I would and experienced the world from new perspectives

Temwa and Anjola: I want to show what it’s like for us, and how as a couple we strengthen our relationship through meaningful experiences and travel, and now that we are parents we bring our children on these adventures. Because life/travel doesn’t have to stop after children!

Why did you start your YouTube channel?

Tayo: I started my channel when I realised that there aren’t enough people telling stories about Africa from our own perspectives. I see myself as the African discovering the world, sharing my perspective and views on places all based on my own unique experiences.

Toba: Although I wanted to start many different channels on YouTube, travel was what called me. The aspect of packing your bags and going off and being free and not knowing what tomorrow holds is why I got into travel. It’s a way for me to share my experiences and document it.

Temwa & Anjola: One of the primary goals is to inspire and show the reality of travel, to try to balance those two things. We rarely see Black couples who travel and go on adventures together. For me, our content is about representation – to show you what it is like for us, as a black travelling family. And so far so good! We’ve had a lot of success because we see how we inspire people to book that ticket!

When you upload a video on your channel, what do you hope your viewers walk away with by the end of the video?

Temwa & Anjola: When we upload, we hope our viewers are encouraged by seeing a young black family who are pushing the boundaries of what we’re often told family life is supposed to look like. It can be full of fun, date nights, pure joy all in the midst of the sentimental and more challenging moments that life brings.

Toba: I hope viewers leave with new insights, having seen the world through my lens, experienced something different, gained value, and most importantly, been entertained.

Tayo: I hope they walk away feeling inspired to do what inspires them and fueled with a passion to follow their dreams. I also want to deliver a positive feeling & leave people feeling hopeful.

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It’s easier to travel now than ever before, of course, but a journey to the same place…