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On June 14, 2024, Meta announced that it had suspended plans to train its AI systems using data posted by EU and UK users on Facebook and Instagram.

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Meta already uses user-generated content to train its AI in markets such as the U.S. However, most European countries and regions are part of the EU’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), which requires user consent for the collection and retention of personal data, making it difficult to do the same in the U.S. and other regions.

Meanwhile, in May 2024, Meta announced that it would change its privacy policy to grant Facebook and Instagram the right to use public content from comments, interactions with businesses, status updates, photos, and associated captions to train an AI, unless users indicate by June 26, 2024 that they ‘do not want their content to be used for AI training.’

However, this decision has been met with criticism from all sides. Privacy activist group

NOYB has filed a total of 11 complaints with EU member states, claiming that Meta violates various aspects of the GDPR. In addition, the Irish Data Protection Commission (DPC), the Irish data protection authority, has called on Meta to suspend training of large-scale language models using public content shared by Facebook and Instagram users. In addition, the UK Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO) has asked Meta to suspend its plans until concerns raised by Meta are addressed.

Meta had previously maintained that the series of decisions complied with GDPR regulations, but in response to these requests, Meta announced that it would suspend plans to use user-generated content for AI training on June 14, 2024. In a release, Meta criticized, ‘We are disappointed that our primary regulator, the DPC, has requested this postponement. This will lead to further delays in European innovation, competition in AI development, and bringing the benefits of AI to Europeans.’

Meta also said, ‘We are committed to bringing Meta’s AI and the large-scale language models that underpin it to more people around the world, including in Europe. However, we can’t provide people with a first-class experience without including local information. This means that we can’t release first-class Meta’s AI in Europe at this time.’

The DPC said it welcomes Meta’s decision to suspend its plans to train large-scale language models using public content from Facebook and Instagram across the EU and the UK. The IPC also welcomed Meta’s decision and said it will continue to monitor major developers of generative AI, including Meta, to ensure that the information of UK users is appropriately protected.

Meta reported that ‘we will continue to work with the DPC to ensure that Europeans have access to the same level of AI innovation and receive appropriate services as the rest of the world,’ and that ‘this extension also allows us to respond to requests from the IPC.’

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