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  • Amazon has cut the price of the Nintendo Switch’s pastel pink and yellow Joy-Con once again.
  • The newest Joy-Con design is currently 18 percent off on Amazon, likely for a limited time.
  • The pastel range could be the last new official Joy-Con we get as Nintendo prepares to reveal the Switch 2.

Controllers have come a long way, and there’s no better example of that than the evolution of Nintendo‘s controllers. From the rectangular NES controllers to the groundbreaking Wiimote, Nintendo has given us some of the most memorable controllers of all time. However, like pretty much all officially licensed controllers in 2024, its latest offering, the Joy-Con, is very expensive. Any chance to get some for less is welcomed, and once again the pastel pink and yellow pairing is on sale at Amazon.

Nintendo added pastel options to its Joy-Con collection almost exactly a year ago, which might be why it has cut the price of the pink and yellow pair again as a way to celebrate them turning one. It costs $79.99 for a brand new pair of Joy-Con (told you it was expensive) and while an 18 percent price cut might not sound like much, it brings the price of the Joy-Con pair down to less than $66. Still pretty expensive, but as far as I’m aware, it’s as low as the pastel Joy-Con have gone in their first year on the market.


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The other Joy-Con in Nintendo’s pastel collection are purple and green but unfortunately, they’re not on sale. They’re very rarely on sale which either means they’re not as popular as the pink and yellow pair so they need to remain full price, or the exact opposite and they sell tremendously well without needing to go on sale so there’s no need for a price cut. Knowing Nintendo and its stance on keeping popular games full price years after they’re released, I’d hazard to guess it’s the latter.

Pick Up A Pair Of Pastel Joy-Con For Less

Nintendo Switch Pastel Joy-Con

Nintendo Switch Pastel Joy-Con

$66 $80 Save $14

Nintendo’s pastel pink and yellow Switch Joy-Con, also available in purple and green but not for less, at least not right now.

One year on from their release, the pastel range might be the last new Joy-Con we get, at least directly from Nintendo. Shuntaro Furukawa has confirmed news on the Switch’s successor will be revealed before the end of this fiscal year, so any time from now until the end of March 2025. Well, probably not now as Furukawa also made it clear that while there will be a Direct this month, it will not include information about the Switch 2, just projects that will fill the rest of the Switch’s 2024 release slate which is currently very empty.

Hey, maybe that slate will include some new Joy-Con. A final design before we bid what might go on to become the best-selling console of all time farewell. There are the Princess Peach pastel Joy-Con that were released to coincide with the release of Showtime, but that set is just the left controller from the reduced set above with a matching right one. Don’t try creating that set yourself by buying two of the sets above either. Unfortunately, the pink one is always the left one.


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Highlights Amazon has cut the price of the Nintendo Switch’s pastel pink and yellow Joy-Con once again….