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Microsoft is about to introduce new security requirements that will mean users of will no longer be able to access their Gmail inboxes. Starting June 30, if you want to use Outlook to access your Gmail account email, then you will have to switch to using the Android, iOS or Outlook for Windows or Mac applications. Here’s what you need to know.

In an official Microsoft blog posting entitled Keeping our Outlook Personal Email Users Safe: Reinforcing Our Commitment to Security, David Los, a Microsoft employee working on the Microsoft Tech Community website, has confirmed a number of measures being taken to improve the security of Outlook users.

Much like the announcements for Google Workspace users when it comes to being able to access Gmail with basic authentication, so Microsoft is deprecating less secure methods of accessing emails, documents, calendar, and contacts.

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The Security Changes Being Made By Microsoft

To align best with the Secure Future Initiative which promises security by design, default and operation, Microsoft is introducing three security changes. These are the deprecation of personal Outlook logins that only use a username and password for authentication, the light version of the Outlook web application, and the end of support for Mail and Calendar apps.

The reasoning behind the move away from basic authentication methods is identical to that provided by Google: to improve the security of user data.”Email-based cyberattacks have only increased with time,” Los said, “so we are requiring modern authentication for all Outlook customers to better help protect their personal accounts.”

This means that anyone not using ‘modern authentication’ methods, such as OAuth, 2FA and the additional backend processes involved, Microsoft said, “will no longer be able to access their, Hotmail or email from those applications.” This includes the ability for users to access their Gmail accounts by way of Outlook’s left rail.

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The Authentication Clock Is Counting Down Fast

Microsoft has set the timeline for the various changes, and for Gmail access from within, it’s very nearly upon us. The Gmail limitations start on June 30, so if this access is important to you, then switching to the Outlook apps for Windows or Mac is now imperative.

The deprecation of the light version of the Outlook web application follows on August 19, while basic authentication for Outlook personal email accounts will be deprecated from September 16. From this date, Microsoft said, “Outlook will require that all those with a Microsoft email account use a mail or calendar app or the website which supports modern auth, such as the latest versions of Outlook, Apple Mail, or Thunderbird.”

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How To Make Sure You Are Ready For The Changes To Outlook

Microsoft recommends that users download one of the free Outlook apps for Android and iOS or the apps for Windows and Mac. Using the version of Outlook included in a Microsoft 365 subscription, or purchasing a new Outlook license, are also suggested by Microsoft. Interestingly, it appears that users on Outlook 2021 (build 11601.10000 or higher) are not affected.

While all of this may be a pain in the neck for many users, the intent is sound: compromised credentials are commonly used to hack accounts and anything that makes them more secure is a good thing no matter which email applications you use.

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