Google sparks furor for honoring lesbian Latina activist on 80th anniversary of D-Day: ‘Couldn’t be bothered’

Google sparks furor for honoring lesbian Latina activist on 80th anniversary of D-Day: ‘Couldn’t be bothered’

Google commemorated a Latina LGBTQ+ activist rather than D-Day on Thursday, the 80th anniversary of the allied invasion into Nazi-occupied Europe, sparking outrage.

The commemorative “Doodle” on – an illustration above the iconic Google search bar by which the major tech platform honors famous historical figures, artists or cultural artifacts – was of Latina LGBTQ+ activist Jeanne Córdova on June 6.

“In honor of Pride Month this Doodle celebrates Chicana lesbian activist, feminist, and author Jeanne Córdova,” Google stated in its entry about the figure.


Google honored a lesbian activist instead of D-Day on its 80th anniversary this year.

June 6, 2024, is the 80th anniversary of D-Day, the largest amphibious invasion in world history, during which Allied soldiers led by U.S. General Dwight Eisenhower stormed the beaches of Normandy, France, to begin taking back Europe from Nazi occupation. The invasion marked a major turning point in World War II, leading to the end of Adolf Hitler’s threat to western civilization.

While the world honored 4,400 allied soldiers ­– men from America, Britain, Canada, France, and other western countries – giving their lives confronting Nazi defenses on those beaches, the tech company did not choose to commemorate them or their actions with their logo.


Instead, it stuck to its Pride Month-themed content for the “Doodle.”

The doodle featured Córdova holding a book and smiling in front of a colorful, sun background that also incorporated the company’s name.

Google further explained who she was, noting that she was a prominent lesbian author, activist and community organizer, who also “served on the board of several organizations including the Los Angeles Gay and Lesbian Press Association.”

Córdova also was an influential figure in the “campaign to defeat the 1986 California Proposition 64, which would force HIV-positive people into quarantine,” the entry said, adding that she and her partner Lynn Harris Ballen created the “The Lesbian Exploratorium” in Los Angeles, a place dedicated to “queer art and history projects.”


Britain’s Prince William, Prince of Wales talks with D-Day and WWII Normandy veterans following the UK’s national commemorative event to mark the 80th anniversary commemorations of Allied amphibious landing (D-Day Landings) in France in 1944, in Southsea Common, southern England, on June 5, 2024.

Google concluded its biography, stating, “Thank you to Jeanne Córdova for her fearless commitment to freedom and dignity for the LGBTQ+ community — the difference she made is felt. Happy Pride to all!”

Further background on the memorial revealed that this “Doodle” was put on the Google homepage in certain countries and territories Thursday, including the U.S., Mexico, The U.S. Virgin Islands, Puerto Rico, Ireland, Switzerland, Germany, and Austria.

Some social media users were not happy with the apparent snub of the “Day of Days.”

Popular conservative account “End Wokeness” shared an image of the doodle, commenting, “This is how Google is celebrating the 80th anniversary of D-Day. Some random LGBTQ+ feminist author.”

Commentator Paul Szypula remarked, “Google actively tries to erode the culture of our society. They hate America so they want to transition it. Whether it’s through censorship or silence. The goal is the same. To replace our culture with wokeness.”

The account for Babylon Bee-affiliated website, “Not The Bee,” posted, “Google’s Doodle on the 80th anniversary of D-Day is honoring war vets, right? Nope. It’s a lesbian feminist activist.”

The Heritage Foundation’s Cody Sargent wrote, “Google on the 80th anniversary of D-Day,” with a clown face emoji.

The Daily Signal president and executive editor Rob Bluey commented on Sargent’s post, “The Elites couldn’t be bothered to honor those who died to protect their freedom.”

A Google spokesperson told Fox News Digital that Google has made sure to honor D-Day in other ways on its site, stating, “We recognize the solemn importance of the 80th anniversary D-Day and the enormous sacrifices of our service members, and over the years we’ve curated multiple Google Arts & Culture exhibits to honor this day.”

Additionally, the spokesperson noted June 6 is the anniversary of Cordove receiving the Lambda Literary award and that Google honors the U.S. military with Doodles on both Memorial and Veterans Day.

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Google sparks furor for honoring lesbian Latina activist on 80th anniversary of …