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Animal activist Raúl Argáez pointed out that keeping a record of animals is not easy, because many develop as feral animals. The most recent estimate of dogs on the street only in the city of Mérida – not counting its 47 communities – is seven thousand, according to a study carried out by the Autonomous University of Yucatán (UADY).

However, at the moment there is no updated census of these pets, much less of cats, which are thought to be three to four times larger than dogs, as reported by the president of the association Un Millón de Esperanzas. , Raúl Argáez Ortega.

The leader of the organization in favor of animal rights explained that this study carried out by the House of Studies of the entity, Mérida, is more than two years old and that they are about to do a new one, however, the organizations emanating from society organized civil society, they have not had meetings with the UADY council to hear the update.

“We have not met again with the Advisory Council, but I believe that the new study is being developed to know exactly the final calculation of dogs in a street situation,” he indicated.

For the president of Un Millón de Sonrisas, the issue of keeping a complete record of pets living on the street is complex, since some of them are born and develop as feral fauna, while others are semi-domiciled, understanding this when The owners themselves allow them to leave for undefined periods to return home.

Argáez Ortega said that precisely to pay for the registry of homeless pets, during the past week they were visiting dog and cat shelters to register them for the Animal Welfare Alliance program of the Merida commune.

It is worth mentioning that this program, recently announced by the Mérida City Council, allows people who own pets to register them with data such as their date of birth, breed, size, weight, and information about their vaccines to design – keeping the proportions – a kind of CURP that allows us to know the number of pets in the Yucatecan capital.

He considered that an important alliance with the issue of homeless pets is what organized and independent rescuers contribute, as well as those who have shelters for this fauna.

However, he recalled that these people who are in charge of shelters for homeless pets often face great complications in meeting the costs of food, accommodation, or veterinary care, which is why he called on citizens to general to support them to the extent of their possibilities.

He explained that, on the part of the competent authorities, for the moment the support has been slowed down by the electoral process, so they hope that once June 2 is over, aid can flow to these organizations.

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1Animal activist Raúl Argáez pointed out that keeping a record of animals is not…