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I wash my hair far too often. This, combined with the fact that my 20-inch extensions are inherently prone to dryness, particularly at the ends, is fodder for a dreadfully dull, frizzy mane. By virtue of my job as a beauty writer, I’ve been fortunate to try myriad hair masks, glosses, and mists that promise lustrous strands; that said, while some do deliver on their claims, most, frankly, fall as flat as my hair sans shampooing for one too many days.

When I tried the Hair Gloss from celebrity stylist Jen Atkin’s hair care line, Ouai, I’d, frankly, expected a minor shift in softness at most; such had been the case, after all, with most formulas I’d tried prior. The actual results, however, far exceeded my expectations—and I’ve since ditched my in-salon gloss treatments in favor of Ouai’s in-shower shine treatment.

Ouai Hair Gloss


The Ouai Hair Gloss is a strand-smoothing, shine-inducing, in-shower formula that thwarts frizz and adds mirror-like glossiness to all hair types. The creamy, conditioner-like solution softens strands in mere minutes and smells divine to boot. 

The formula applies similarly to a hair mask (yet delivers so much more). Simply rake the cream through lengths and ends; leave on for five minutes, et voila! Shinier, softer, salon-worthy strands post-shower. The effects last for days, in my experience; I’m so impressed, in fact, that I’ve begun increasing time between washes in an effort to preserve the shine, softness, and delicious scent—notes of bergamot, sandalwood, white musk, and violet—Ouai’s gloss imparts. Furthermore, the formula protects hair from ultra-hot styling tool temperatures—up to 450 degrees Farengeight—in turn, keeping strands healthier in the long run. 

Unsurprisingly, the formula features some serious hydrating ingredients. A trio of moisture-magnets—humectants, in science-speak—glycerin, hyaluronic acid, and sodium hyaluronate attract moisture from the surrounding air into the hair shaft, where they quench dryness and, thus, amplify softness and shine almost instantly. Also of note: Dimethicone, a form of silicone, that enrobes each strand in a slick, light-reflecting coating. The result? Mirror-like shine—plus smoothing, frizz-fighting prowess…in other words, your glossiest hair yet.

For your softest, most luminous mane, snap up a bottle of Ouai’s Hair Gloss at Amazon—and shop more glossifying treatments, below:

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I wash my hair far too often. This, combined with the fact that my 20-inch exte…