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YouTube announced it’s testing two new features with limited groups of testers: AI-generated live chat summaries and channel QR codes. The video sharing platform wants to make it easier for creators to share their channels with others through QR codes.

The QR codes are scannable both online and offline, and the creators who are part of the experiment can generate QR codes by going to the ‘You’ tab using the bottom menu > Share your channel > QR code. On the other hand, users can find a creator’s QR code by tapping on the three-dot menu on their channel page > Share > QR Code.

YouTube said it will expand the feature to more users in the future. Meanwhile, rival social media platforms like Instagram and Snapchat already let users share their profiles through QR codes.

The other feature YouTube is testing uses generative AI to create summaries of live chats in real-time. Those picked for the experiment will see a banner at the top of a live chat during a live stream if “sufficient chat activity” has already happened prior to joining.

YouTube said that the feature currently supports the English language only. It is designed to give users an overview of what is happening in a live chat where messages pop up frequently. The AI-generated live chat summaries are created using published chats only and “they won’t use text held for review or that contains blocked words or was sent by blocked users.”

This builds on top of YouTube’s previous experiments where it tested AI-generated comment summaries for videos uploaded to the platform. The company also talked about using AI to generate audio clips for YouTube Shorts voiced by famous artists and creating green screen backgrounds as part of the Dream Screen experiment.

One of YouTube’s AI-powered features also allows users to skip videos to a point where most users would typically jump. It was recently reported that YouTube is readying a redesigned user interface for its video player and working on server-side ad injection to make it harder to block ads.

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