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Mr. Ollie Welsh Corgi is becoming somewhat famous. 

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At least by YouTube standards.  

The pet dog of Stephan and Solomiia Kinach is earning a ‘silver play button’ award from YouTube for reaching 100,000 subscribers to his very own channel. 

That earns the Kinach’s a nickel plaque, marking the milestone after YouTube staff confirm the content is original with no copyright infringements. 

In just shy of one year, the Mr. Ollie Welsh Corgi channel has received almost 7.8 million views.  

Solomiia Kinach says she started the channel to document the arrival and milestone of the couple’s pet and began the channel to create feel good videos. She’s the one primarily responsible for capturing the video footage, adding music and voice and posting it. 

A life-long dog lover, Solomiia has always had a soft spot for corgi’s. After all, they’re the official royal dog, they’re smart, cute and lovable.  

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The Kinach’s began their own research and learned that there is only one breeder in Algoma – on St. Joseph Island.  

Last July they inquired about purchasing a puppy, but all puppies were accounted for.  

But they were contacted a short time later, after an elderly woman had a fall and broke her leg and couldn’t care for her dog anymore. It eventually was sold to the Kinach’s.  

“It was very sudden. We went to see him, and we ended up bringing him home. We couldn’t resist,” Stephan said.  

Kinach's and Olllie
Stephan and Solomiia Kinach’s dog, Mr. Ollie Welsh Corgi and his YouTube channel has reached 100,000 subscribers, earning him a ‘silver play button’ award. PHOTO SUPPLIED.

The little videos started immediately, Solomiia said.  

To date, she’s posted more than 450 videos, most of them in short format.  

“We try for one per day,” Stephan said.  

Solomiia said it is important to her that Ollie, who is now a year old, is filmed in his natural environment and the clips are designed to make other people smile.  

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“We’re received a lot of positive feedback and people wishing us all the best,” she said.  

“We were not expecting that at all,” Stephan chimed in.  

The channel notes the short clips are to “add colour and kindness to your days and make you laugh.”  

The video clips share in Ollie’s daily routines and exciting adventures from his arrival to his first snow to obedience classes and trips to the park.  

Solomiia said Ollie is recognized when they are walking along the boardwalk or in a local store.  

“He’s become a little famous in this city,” she said. 

 The Mr. Ollie Welsh Corgi video clips can be found here: 




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YouTube video of Sault Corgi earns ‘silver play button’ with 100K subscribers – “youtube” – Google News